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SCVMM 2008 – Sysprep Error (680)
Posted in Virtual Machine Manager | No Comment | 6,619 views | 18/03/2009 20:21

You have a working template but you want to install new windows updates and re-template it. You installed updates then started to update step. But what is that? Sysprep hangs on %49. Then SCVMM gives this error:

Error (680)
Timeout occurred while waiting for Sysprep to finish processing on the virtual machine.

Recommended Action
Ensure you are using the version of Sysprep binaries that match with virtual machine’s Windows version, and then try the operation again.

Unfortunately you can’t sysprep a Windows Server 2008 with SCVMM more than 3 times. Your licence does not accept sysprep after 3 syspreping. This is really bad but you don’t have any another way. You should create a new machine and then you should make it template. I don’t know what the exact number is, but Vista supports only 3 syspreping.

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