VirtualMetric Hyper-V Monitoring, Hyper-V Reporting


Cozumpark Bilisim Portali
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Here you can find my opensource projects:

PoSHStats for Hyper-V:

PoSHStats is the first free and open source reporting tool of Hyper-V Resource Metering. PoSHStats runs on your Hyper-V server to get detailed statistics like CPU, Memory, Disk and Bandwidth usage of your virtual machines. It’s possible to get daily, weekly, monthly usage statistics of Virtual Machines. Also PoSHStats gets hourly performance data of your Hyper-V host to monitor your virtualization environment.


PoSH Server is one of the most lightweight web servers. You can host your PowerShell and HTML pages without requiring a web server. PoSH Server is only 120 KB! and works on PowerShell v2 and PowerShell v3.


SetLinuxVM is linux virtual machine preparation tool for Hyper-V. It supports many distros including CentOS, RHEL, Ubuntu, Debian and more.. You can configure ip addresses, hostname, new password, timezone configuration and etc. Also SetLinuxVM can install LIC on your virtual machine.

Hyper-V VM Migration Script:

Hyper-V Migration script is a tool to migrate your VMs from Hyper-V v2 to Hyper-V v3 with quick migration capabilities. It supports BITS! It’s ready to move large VHD files. It supports “Rollback“. If there will be any problem, this script will undo any changes! Licensed in GPLv2. You can use this script in your organization without any licensing issues. Totally free!

MaestroPanel PoSHApi:

MaestroPanel PoSHApi is a REST API tool for MaestroPanel to operate hosting activities via PowerShell. It supports many features of MaestroPanel like creating domain, hosting package, deleting domain etc to make your process faster. Also it’s a great open source example for MaestroPanel’s REST API.