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Why we need to limit bandwidth usage on Hyper-V servers?
Posted in Virtual Machine Manager | No Comment | 6,999 views | 30/09/2009 17:36

Why hosting companies need to limit bandwidth usage on Hyper-V servers? I can give you some answers. Nowadays, all website owners looking for cheap servers and high bandwidth limits to host their websites on dedicated environments. Because it’s safer and easier to manage. If you are looking for a cheap server, then virtual dedicated servers are the best option for you. But they also want high speed connection for their servers. Today, 100 mbit connection speed is a starter level for vps servers and it’s up to 1 gbit. So,

1) Customer has a huge web space because he has a virtual server. (like 30 gb for w2k3 or 40 gb for w2k8)
2) Customer has a light speed internet connection. (100 mbit or 1 gbit)

If you give that two options to a customer,

1) They use their web spaces and internet connections for file transfer purposes and that means so much bandwidth consume. We can’t afford that at low prices.
2) If X uses all of the bandwidth, then Y who is on the same server suffers from low speed connection and that decrease our service quality.

So If we limit their montly bandwidth usage, they use what they have. But If we can’t, they can abuse service and decrease our service quality. All Virtualization softwares except Hyper-V, support limiting bandwidth usage. I hope we see same feature at Hyper-V soon.

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