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Virtualization Wars: Virtuozzo vs Hyper-V! What about both?
Posted in Virtual Machine Manager | 1 Comment | 13,877 views | 12/11/2010 14:44

I see so many articles and forum posts about Virtuozzo and Hyper-V nowadays. People ask about which virtualization platform is better. So I decided to write this post to ask another question: “Why don’t you combine both?”

The difference between Virtuozzo and Hyper-V is, Virtuozzo is not a virtualization actually. It’s more like a software emulation or operating system caging. You don’t need to enable Virtualization support on Mainboard to use Virtuozzo. Because of that, you can install Virtuozzo in Hyper-V. But you can’t enable Hyper-V role in a Hyper-V server or any other Virtualization platform.

If you install Virtuozzo in Hyper-V and check the services, you can see Virtuozzo and Hyper-V services in the same server.

You can create a new container in Virtuozzo.

You can choose a template for your new container. (Container means virtual machine in Virtuozzo)

After completing creation process, you see your container is ready to use.

Lets check container:

You can do remote desktop to container:

So what happened to virtual layers?

Physical Server > Hyper-V Layer > Hyper-V VM > Virtuozzo Layer > Virtuozzo Container > Windows Server 2008 R2 Server

It means:

VM inside a VM, inside a VM.. Yes! Inception! Thanks to Christopher Nolan to meet us with this technology. But only one thing is different.. Virtuozzo Container is extremely fast! Right, VM inside a VM is not slow..

So Cloud Hosting companies gives an amount of RAM and amount of CPU to you, then you can install Virtuozzo and sale virtual servers to your own customers. Also backing up of a Hyper-V server is much easier to backup a physical Virtuozzo server.

I used Virtuozzo 4.6 for Windows to test products. Enjoy new virtualization ways!

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