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Hyper-V v3 CSV Cache IOMeter Results
Posted in Virtual Machine Manager | 1 Comment | 7,265 views | 27/04/2012 11:46

You can enable read optimized cache on CSV disk on Hyper-V v3.
However there is no such option on GUI to enable CSV Cache, so you should go with Powershell.

I set 4 GB memory for CSV Cache allocation: (by default, it’s 512 mb)


Then I need to enable CSV cache on clustered disk:

Get-ClusterSharedVolume "Cluster Disk 1" | Set-ClusterParameter CsvEnableBlockCache 1

I want to show you my test results with different cache sizes.

4 Gb CSV Cache:

12 Gb CSV Cache:

No CSV Cache:

As you see from results, Cache size doesn’t matter in my case. Because I just have one virtual machine. Maybe if you have more virtual machine, you may get different results under different workloads.

Also it’s very clear that, CSV Cache effects on I/O response time. I got very good results after enabling CSV Cache.

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