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How to migrate Hyper-V v3 VM back to Hyper-V v2 environment
Posted in Virtual Machine Manager, Windows Powershell | No Comment | 6,527 views | 10/10/2012 14:25

Somehow, you have to migrate a new Hyper-V v3 VM back to Hyper-V v2 environment?
Then you may need to follow these steps.

Of course if you need to migrate a VM from Hyper-V v2 to Hyper-V v3, you can use this script for quick migration:

If you export a virtual machine from Hyper-V v3 and try to import Hyper-V v2, Hyper-V gives this error:

Because Hyper-V v3 export is not compatible with old version of Hyper-V.
Hyper-V v3 exports only XML config file, but Hyper-V v2 exports .exp file.

Achieve this problem, you need to use this Powershell export script on Hyper-V v3.

Before exporting virtual machine, do following steps:

1. Remove your all disks file from virtual machines.
2. Change your virtual machine switch as “Not Connected”.

Thanks to Ben, this script exports VM config in Hyper-V v2 style.

Now download EXP template from here:

Open your exported .exp file and template.exp file in the zip file with a text editor.

You will see $Replace1, $Replace2, $Replace3 and $Replace4 in template.exp.
You should change them with your exported .exp file values.

Follow these steps for modification:

1. Replace this one with your virtual machine GUID: $Replace1

2. Replace this one with your virtual machine name: $Replace2

3. Replace this one with your virtual machine MAC address: $Replace3

4. Replace this one with your virtual machine ethernet port GUID: $Replace4

5. Finally, replace template.exp file name with your exported .exp file name.

Now you can import it to Hyper-V v2. After import, you can attach your virtual disks to VM again.
Finally change your virtual machine switch and VLAN configuration. Now you can start your VM.

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