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Citrix Netscaler VPX installation on Hyper-V R2
Posted in Virtual Machine Manager | No Comment | 8,410 views | 01/12/2011 00:12

I want to show you how to install Citrix Netscaler VPX on Hyper-V step by step.

Step 1: Create a VM on Hyper-V with synthetic network card and 2 vCPU.
It’s very important to use 2 vCPU and synthetic network card, or you can get kernel panic.

Step 2: Download VHD type of Netscaler image from Citrix, mount it to VM and start.

Step 3: Enter ip address for your Netscaler.

Step 4: Enter netmask.

Step 5: Enter default gateway.

Step 6: Type “4” to save your inputs.

Step 7: Netscaler should start initializing.

Step 8: If you see “Done” message, you can go to web interface.

Step 9: You can login with following credentials:

Username: nsroot
Password: nsroot

Step 10: You will see Setup Wizard after your login.

Step 11: Choose your region.

Step 12: Select your license file. You should get it from Citrix.

Step 13: You need to reboot Netscaler to save changes.

Step 14: Don’t forget to set MAC address as static. If it changes, you need to regenerate license file.

Netscaler uses FreeBSD but it comes with its own Hyper-V integration service. That’s why you can use synthetic network adapter and shutdown from Hyper-V. I hope we will see FreeBSD integration services soon.

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