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Benchmark Results of Several Linux Distributions on Hyper-V
Posted in Virtual Machine Manager | No Comment | 13,245 views | 16/03/2011 07:11

I did performance tests on several Linux distributions to see their performance on Hyper-V.
I used latest versions of all distros. I used a benchmark script to see their results.

As you see, Debian and Ubuntu have almost same results. Debian looks really promising. I never used Hyper-V Linux integration services on them because this is an article about real results. If you install a clean Debian, you will get almost same results.

I used Unix Bench 5.1.3 for Benchmark tests. You can download and try on your own environment:

In my tests, only Ubuntu gave warning on boots. Actually it just a warning but i want to write here, so maybe you know what causes that.

SMBus Base Address Uninitialized – Upgrade Bios or use force_addr=0xaddr

As I know, this is a Ubuntu bug and they’ll fix it in next version. So it’s good to wait next version to correct this issue.

Also you checked reboot durations of distros? Centos still uses 2.6.18 and because of that, reboot takes so long. It seems new kernel provides fast reboot. We already know that it’s feature of Hyper-V drivers. Probably with Centos 6, we will reboot Centos in 20 secs like Fedora.

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