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Now, This website serving on IIS7 with PHP Fastcgi!
Posted in Hayattan, Hosting & IIS7 | No Comment | 3,129 views | 05/05/2009 12:12

Finally, I transfered my website to Server “Win03” for IIS7 Hosting. I don’t see any difference between Apache and IIS7. But after tests, we realized IIS7 is faster than Apache. Maybe not so fast, but faster. Also I can use htaccess files on Win03 and this is another good thing for SEO users. I don’t need to use hosting panel to manage my website anymore because I can use IIS7 Manager (inetmgr) to manage my website. My wordpress uses MySQL database and thanks to Radore, I have an option to use MySQL database with IIS7 Hosting. If you need an IIS7 Php Hosting, you can contact with Radore Telecom.

Also you can use .htpasswd in IIS7 to secure your directories. But you need third party ISAPI filters to do that.

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