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You may get this warning on SCVMM panel. Sometimes that can cause to stop your virtual machine:

Warning (2903)
VMM could not locate the specified file C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\web.iso on the server. This file might be required as part of another object.
(The system cannot find the file specified (0x80070002))

Recommended Action
Ensure that you have specified a valid path parameter, and that all necessary files are present. Try the operation again.

You have to go Hyper-V management console and edit virtual machine settings. If you disable iso file from ide devices, that warning will be fixed.

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When changing owner of a virtual machine, you can get this error from SCVMM:

Error (11427)
The ownership for this virtual machine cannot be changed because the new owner is not a member of a user role that has access to this virtual machine.

Recommended Action
Either change the new owner to a user who has access to this virtual machine, or contact your Virtual Machine Manager administrator to request access for the user you want to own this virtual machine and then try the operation again.

Solution is simple. You have to create an user role for your user account. You can find “User Role” tab in Administration.

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Probably, you have same vm name in your host groups.

Error (802)
The VM file SERVER20 is already in use by another VM.

Recommended Action
Wait for the object to become available, and then try the operation again.

Solution? Give another name to your new virtaul machine..