VirtualMetric Hyper-V Monitoring, Hyper-V Reporting


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You may get this error when you try to start maintenance mode on a Hyper-V host.

Error (10434)
No suitable host is available for migrating the existing highly available virtual machines.

Recommended Action
Either improve the host ratings for the other hosts within the same cluster, and then try the operation again, or do not migrate the virtual machines.

SCVMM can not live migrate virtual machines if a shared ISO file is attached. So that can pause maintenance mode if you choose live migration mode.
You can execute following Powershell codes to find VMs which have shared ISO files.

Get-VM | Get-VirtualDVDDrive | where {$_.ISO -ne $null} | ft Name

If you’re looking for a specific Hyper-V host called Host01:

Get-VMHost Host01 | Get-VM | Get-VirtualDVDDrive | where {$_.ISO -ne $null} | ft Name

Deattach shared ISO files from VMs and start maintenance mode again.