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Cozumpark Bilisim Portali
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I want to show you how to install CentOS 5.6 Desktop on Hyper-V step by step with mouse support.
First of all, create a VM on Hyper-V with emulated network card and 1 vCPU.

Step 1: Start graphical CentOS installation and click next with space key on your keyboard.

Step 2: Choose language of CentOS.

Step 3: Select keyboard language.

Step 4: Confirm re-initializing partition.

Step 5: Select “Remove linux partitions and create default layout” and click next.

Step 6: Click yes to confirm removing all data.

Step 7: Click “Edit” button to configure IP address of the adapter.

Step 8: Assign IP address and subnet mask for the network adapter.

Step 9: Set hostname, gateway and dns addresses.

Step 10: Choose your region.

Step 11: Enter a password for VM.

Step 12: Select “Customize Now” to install extra components.

Step 13: Select “Development Tools” and “Development Libraries”.

Step 14: Click next to start installation of CentOS.

Step 15: If you see this screen, then you finished installation.

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